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Ad Management Settings

How to set up affiliate ads to the forum it ?
A: will you apply for affiliate advertising advertising code into the HTML can be. Reference :

How do I get affiliate advertising code ?
A: to ad networks based on their application requirements, the ad code applications.

What are certified ad networks ?
A: Currently supports Baidu affiliate advertising , Google affiliate advertising , yahoo affiliate advertising , the future we will add more alliances.

It only supports certified affiliate advertising ?
A: Yes . If your ads are not certified through our alliance range , please send an email to, and write your code, and you want to put an ad alliance , we will notify you within 1-2 working days Certification results.

What are banner ads ?
A: banner ads generally referred to as banner ads, are located in top of the page , middle , bottom, any one , but throughout the entire lateral half of the page or banner ads.

The role of banner ads ?
A: People browsing the web , banner vision is that people will generally first trigger point , a good banner can make the viewer more willing to stay on the page they need to continue to search for something . Therefore, in the production of the banner page should be extra points when designing mind , as do his own banner creative novelty to keep the viewer.

How to make better use of banner ads ?
A: In the banner can be placed in some of the features of this website , or the promotion of information , so that more people see it can leave a deeper impression. To attract the viewer's attention, to get the information they want and services , to increase the residence time of the user on the site , to stimulate the user's interest.

What are the supported outside the chain of banner ads ?
A: Currently supported,,,,,,,, these domain pictures outside the chain. If you're an independent site binding domain, and also supports the independence of your binding domain.

banner ads can not fully express my intention how to do ?
A: If you want to express more content, banner ads can be placed on the distinctive, attractive content , you put the link banner ads link to your post which features , you can better publicity.

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