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 Post Subject: How to solve this?  
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How to solve this?

I created a forum yesterday.
But then I showed up right something, I don't know how to do, and also something that happens that I've looked, but administration solution that I couldn't solve.

I'd like to put a background on my forum. But I don't know how to change.

But something strange happens to me, that is the following.
When writing a new topic, the top items, such as the font, bold, font size, text positioning, image, multimedia, emotions, link, and all other items, click on them and don't work.
For example; want to put an image on a topic, and I can't, because the button on.
But the strange thing is that, as I'm doing now, I write a text, here to the Forum, the top items, all, I work, by clicking on them.

Then, if I'm wrong to write a text in a new topic and click stop the Edit appears to me all in code. Making it impossible to edit.
IE; I must have copied before. Paste, and then Yes, correct.

The option to remove a topic not too active. Click on top, and nothing. Does nothing!

Show up on my forum as not being online when I'm online.

Someone can help me with these questions?
-I thank you!

Mário Jorge

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Mário Jorge


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