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 Post Subject: Here in Moreforum, never.  
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Last night, appeared to me the information that I was banned from the Forum that I had created, by an administrator of the Moreforum.
Rationale: "you can not ban the user directly, Edit to remove" Administrator "
-Now; This justification, is totally false. I didn't do anything that they claim I did.
But even having done nothing, this justification shows, what is the attitude of the administration of Moreforum.
-Imagine, for example, a man creates a company, and opens it. So, then, an official of that company, removes the administrator of the company, and passes him the control of the same company.
This has some causal? -No, there's no nexus.

Regardless of the Moreforum administration, don't have reason, for me, because, as I said; I have done nothing of that claim. In a forum user, you can't edit and remove the administrator.
I was loving the moreforum.
But with this occurrence, I never want to have a forum here.
I will create the Forum, on another site.
A site where its administration, don't mess with regard solely to the administrators it created. In this case, I'm referring to the ZetaBoards.
My experience here at Moreforum, turned out to be bad.
To finish; I would appreciate it if the administration of the Moreforum, exclude this forum!

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