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App Download Posted At: 02/09/2018 01:32:07 1#

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BSD Data Recovery is a professional tool which recovers lost or corrupt Unix BSD data from Sparc based volumes in Solaris platforms. This way, it recovers lost directories, files and even volumes from UFS2 and UFS1 hard disk. This software runs on hard drive interfaces of all types including SATA, SCSI, IDE and EIDE. It also has the option to search for missing or lost hard disk volumes. On UFS1/UFS2 hard disk volumes, it maintains file integrity while recovering. It performs recovery of UFS1 data in Solaris-Sparc 8 or advanced platforms. There are two methods used in order to save data to be recovered. All the recovered files can be saved with the option of ‘Recover All’ in the drive you select. On the other side, you have the advantage to save selected files only with ‘Recover Selected Files’ option. In addition, all the recovered files can be saved in any external or internal hard drive, USB drive, ZIP drive or network drive.
Download link :-

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App Download Posted At: 03/20/2018 00:20:34 2#

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You came to the right place if you are looking for a reliable and effective Mac file recovery software. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software is a tried-and-tested recovery tool that safely retrieves lost data files from:

*MacBook Pro
*MacBook Air
*Mac Mini
*Mac Pro

Worry no more if you have mistakenly deleted your Mac files or it was gone due to virus infection, media formatting, system crash or unexpected power failure because this software will bring back your lost Mac files quickly and easily.


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