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 Post Subject: SSL and Android app  
App Download Posted At: 02/23/2018 07:43:45 1#

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Hello! Can moreforum get SSL for its domain? I have my website on Cloudflare and I've enabled SSL on my domain. So, web browsers don't load any script from (login pages and all) because of lack of SSL. I tried to choose the option load unsafe scripts, but, still, no luck. Can moreforum also put its domain on Cloudflare and get SSL? It's free forever and the set up doesn't take more than 2 minues. Please, please, please consider this. It makes users feel more safe. And now, Google Chrome (the most popular browser as of now, I believe), flags all http websites as not secure which might not be liked by some users. Also, my websites state everywhere that everything is free without compromising on user's security and all, all websites have https, etc.

Also, I'm unable to download any app. Only the itunes link works towards itunes, otherwise, the Windows and the Android app give just nothing. I've loved moreforum as of now, but, please consider SSL. Then, this will be the best!

My forum is here:

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