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With a Zero Pro in hand, I was trying to install, RepRap Firmware, or build from scratch failed, after several tries, as you will see, I’m a “hack,” and not sure what I’m doing. Why? I’d like to see if the firmware can run on an Arduino Zero with a CNC V3 Shield. Zero get’s it’s power from USB, and the CNC V3 doesn’t pin back power from the 12V source, there aren’t any rectifiers on the CNC V3. So I don’t see any RAMPS/RADDS 5V/3.3V issues, as long as the grounds are good. (unless I missed something in how the stepsticks work). We are 3.3V, with 32 bit Arduino M0 Pro board, and the CNC V3 Shield pinouts are RADDS compatible, just no Power outs for Bed or Extruders (and no 4th stepstick control, unless I can enable that 4th stepstick slot that GRBL can’t seem to do). Both are Arduino M0, Pro is ATSAMD21G18, Due is ATSAM3X8E, at least it’s in the ballpark. Zero is 256k rather than Due’s 512k, which, whatever, maybe I can weed some heater libs and stuff out and shrink it? But no where near that far. (because I’m just a hack, not a coder). But right now the .bin is 214k, so, maybe…?

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