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I'm currently designing a website with more and more features computed on the server side. For now, everything is computed by the asp website (with background thread, oh yeah) and I would like to put a lot of it in a WCF (no recycling, a faster way to deliver webpages to clients and a lot of other nice pros) I've worked professionally with WCF in the past, but we had some executables which were responsible for hosting them so I'm quite a noob when it comes to settings a WCF up in my Winhost architecture. Is there a precise guide I could follow to do so? I've found some old posts, only talking about config files problem and the "WCF" search on the forum doesn't show anything since WCF is not a valid search (only 3 letters ... now you know why I've written the whole term in the title)

For more details:
Business video studio


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