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Well, so, currently im running a full block gladiator (82%) and using molten strike as main skill. Wanna change a little my gameplay. Playing a flame ele golemancer so going on melee is very cool with all flame effect. If you are in need of currency, please stay with where you can enjoy the cheapest price when you buy POE Orbs and POE Currency trade service.

For moment I'm lvl 78, and i used some guides to work around them and trying my own thing. While i have, for moment, no difficulty to clean map (i was surprised to facetank a double beyond t15 with heavy mods on it like crit, elemental weakness, frzgility...), i wish to make it more powerful.

First, my gear + gems:
▶ Hrimnor : enlightment + elemental weakness + warlord + blasphemy
▶ Varunastra : vaal haste + duration / Herald of Ash
▶ Rare elder armor :(but with no elder mod) : Molten + elemental damage + physical damage + Ancestral Call + Multistrike + physical to lightning. With life (100+) and chaos res.
▶ Rare gloves : cwdt + Immortal Call + tempest shield + duration. With life/res
▶ Double amethyst ring with life/res (70+ life for both)
▶ The Anvil with +1 to curse
▶ The Surrender : riposte + brutality + vengeance
▶ Stygian life/res (crafted my self a t1 life, pretty proud of me) socketed with a life/more dmg if you killed recently/flat fire dmg.

Its vanasutra, claw fit it better and you can easy got 300pdps(30%quality touch of anquish) claw, lgoh from claw its win win for molten. Just stack 6klife and destroy content, ... for fit your build better use watchers eye with 40% phys dmg to ele affected by wrath/anger/hatred and drop phystolighting.

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