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 Post Subject: Disable CSM?  
App Download Posted At: 05/17/2018 02:46:25 1#

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Hello all,

I recently disabled CSM in my bios and formatted my pc. Ive only tested kingdom come deliverance but be for I was getting 45fps to 30fps on ultra and constant judder on all graphic options. I was using in game FPS counter as I didn't want any thing like MSI after burner on. Now with CSM disabled and a UEFI install I'm getting constant FPS at 60hz on ultra at 1080p. I do have a 1440p 144hz monitor but that broke at the moment and just sent of a ticket to dell for warranty fix. Any way is actually safe to turn off CSM as I heard that disk drives etc may not work but ive tested everything and everything working fine. Only thing not showing up in bios is my HDD as ive got windows on SSD but HDD is working. It wont over heat or anything because CSM disabled?.

Please help.

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