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Hello all,

I am experiencing the infamous Blue Screen irregularly and I suspect from reading posts it is linked to AVG Internet Security product. I bought this but later canceled it and thought I had uninstalled it. However later I found that the uninstallation left a lot, if not all, the files behind. Windows, Ccleaner etc. showed the program as being deleted. I subsequently searched AVG and then tried deleting all files found. I am the only user and the administrator; I do not enter my MS password at start-up. I have managed to delete a large no. of files but I am left with several where each time I try to delete I get a message "File access denied - you need to provide administrator permission to delete this file" I click on Continue but I am still denied access. How do I get access to delete these files?

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

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