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 Post Subject: Review plugin issues  
App Download Posted At: 05/20/2018 23:57:55 1#

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I tried installing the Review plugin for WP Product Review Lite.
It has been installed, and I have enabled Comments on the post as well as enabled review for the specific page.
It shows on the page but there are some issues (E.g. Slider bar does not show up, and the review is a "static" one, where it's based on what I (administrator) post on the backend). But the reviews should be able to allow visitors to the site leave their own review as well, so it should be an 'live' review tool.
Is this a problem for just this review plugin? If so, any others to recommend that works well with Creativo?
Basically, I need a review tool that allows visitors to leave their reviews easily for different products on the page.

Please help

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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Thank you

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