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So I found a cell phoen (one that's probably expensive) on the ground at a club (late night), so there wasn't much I could do with it at the time and just went to bed. I've found phones before, and just contacted someone in their contacts list like Mom or Dad. That worked nicely for me before. Unfortunately, this phone was locked so I couldn't access their contacts. It's also dead now as it was probably on for 2 days, but I'm sure I could find a way to get it charged at some point. I called the club and asked if anyone reported any missing phones, and they said they get like 5-10 calls about people losing their phones a night. I think I made the right decision about not just handing it to some 'kid' that works there or in a lost & found box. I think it would inevitably not find the actual owner if I just handed it away. I chose not to describe the phone to the kid on the phone, and told him to tell the 5-10 people to email me describing the missing phone and its' unique markings on it and I'd send it to them directly. I think this was the best approach, as I don't trust people to just hand it over to someone randomly, if I'm willing to mail it myself when the owner is found. Would you guys have trusted someone else to take the phone and find the owner?

Please help

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Thank you

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