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My wireless Telo with Bluetooth adaptor is about 4 months old. It worked fine with my iPhone 6. When my cell rang, my handset would ring and I could take the call on the HD2 handset. I finally was able to pair the iPhone 7 with my Ooma Wireless Telo bluetooth. The problem is I can answer the call on the handset, but the audio will not transfer, even if I choose the Telo audio option on my iPhone. I had to do none of this before, it was all automatic. I'm quite frustrated at this point because I can usually figure anything computer related out. I called tech support, Levels 1 and 2 and no one could help me. This is absolutely ridiculous! Level 1 was a joke (I got India). He knew nothing and Level 2 couldn't help either. Can anyone here help?

Please help

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Thank you

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