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 Post Subject: Powerpoint recovery  
App Download Posted At: 07/05/2018 05:51:51 1#

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Powerpoint PPTx recovery tool allows you to recover data from even severely corrupt PPTx files of any size. This tool
allows the user to recover data from multiple PPTx file at the same time and this tool even lets the user to preview the
recovered data before saving.This tool performs recovery of PPTx files while executing separate extraction of the Photos, Images and Pictures.
To learn more about this tool

Key Features:
*It ensures complete recovery of data with the help of Standard mode and Integrated Mode of recovery.
*Helps to recover previous slides, master slides and images that are deleted.
*Also recovers images, animations, word art, basic shapes and sound files with ease.
*Individually recovers the images, texts and objects
*User-friendly interface so there is no rocket science in it to operate.
*Supports all formats of PowerPoint to recovery.

Download link ":-

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