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The sun and the moon are like a shuttle! The sun and the moon are like a shuttle! A beautiful girl in her twenties is sitting in Saturn to enjoy the bright moonlight. You will ask, "Who is she?" Haha, let me proudly tell you: "She is me, she is 897 years old. Birthday party!"a sunny morning, I sat in the spaceship and went straight to Saturn's hometown. Soon I arrived. I got off the spaceship. I just walked a few steps. I saw a grandmother "cough-" "cough-", holding a turn? E, walking hard, a grandfather��s eyes are yellow, his eyes are unable to estimate the problems of his grandfather��s liver Cigarettes For Sale. I was surprised to ask: ��What are you doing?�� They said in unison: ��Professor Li, how are you so young, Have you eaten Tang dynasty? Have you been sown for hundreds of years?" When it was said that it was too late Newport Cigarettes Website, a blink of an eye, many people gathered around and said in amazement: "What?" I said: "Crap, definitely not, Let me see this person, see flowers, see the car, let me tell you!" They said with a smile: "Okay!" I took out an egg from my pocket. Everyone talked and said: "Can an egg do?" I said, "Don't panic, please see." I broke the egg, and there was golden light inside the egg. I carefully took the medicine out and lifted the medicine. Loudly said: "This is the famous medicine I developed in 1998 - 'Exercising the eyeballs' is only dissolved in the mouth Carton Of Newports." The old people were shocked, they were amazed at me, I sent them to the old people. After eating, it is guaranteed to be effective. After a while, the old grandfather and the old lady had eaten more and more, just as time went back to 2019. After they became younger, it was very good for me. I told them to go east, they didn't dare to go west. I let them go to the oil pan and they went to the pan. I let them go to the knife mountain. When they got off the fire, they went to the sea of ??fire. Because they ate my medicine, they were not afraid of burning oil. It��s fried, huh, huh... is it too much to worship me? !ard that Mars has many beautiful treasures, I traveled on a spaceship cloud Mars, and I saw my enemies - Dr. Wang, Dr. Wang said to me with a smile: "Dr. Li, I haven't seen you for a long time, I heard that you invented A lot of medicines!" I am speechless Carton Of Marlboro Reds, I am too lazy to waste my time with this person, he saw my spaceship, I know that he has any ghost ideas, and it is true, he said arrogantly: "Beautiful and moving Li Doctor Cigarettes Cheaper, look at the millionaires on our planet in your home. As a result, you are still driving a broken ship. I don��t see your family having money at home, but I am driving a 'seven-level fireship!' I resisted the fire and patiently Said: "Dr. Wang, don't come up and sit down!" He said: "OK", after he came up, I fastened my seat belt. I said, "Well?" He said, "Okay." I Just press a button - let the spacecraft rotate 360 ??�� "Oh my God, NO, don't!" I screamed and said: "I let you laugh at me, deserve it, deserve it!" Dr. Wang said: "I don't dare anymore. No more dare." I rushed and said: "I tell you, This took 999,999,999,999,999 months to buy money, and I am more tender than you!" My spacecraft bounced Dr. Wang and said: "My master's spaceship does not welcome you, hehe!" Say me Go away, hahaha...adually, I invented many things, and I became the richest person in the world. I took the most powerful certificates, trophies, etc. I was an omnipotent "genius" in the eyes of people...

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