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I have a Windoze 7 64-bit PC and would like to perform two way USB communication between the PC and the NXT. PC is initiator and NXT is receiver. I have read some posts where RobotC does not support this. I assume the RobotC NXT driver has both a 32-bit and 64-bit Fantom driver/DLL and that alone would be low-level USB but is there a RobotC API or some other method to perform the communication.Bluetooth is currently not an option for the project I would like to do. leJos NXJ apparently supports this and uses the Lego software 1.1.3 Fantom Driver as USB backend. I have not yet confirmed it working but leJos developer has stated that it will work. I have purchased RobotC and would like to do the same thing in that development environment.
Any solutions with libusb-win32 will not work out since getting this installed on Windows Vista/7 is quite problematic. I have personally tried so I hope Lego's Fantom Driver/DLL contained within RobotC NXT driver download 64-bit will work or use Lego's 1.1.3 Fantom Driver. If Legos 1.1.3 Fantom Driver 64-bit is what I need to use can both the RobotC driver and Fantom driver be installed on same machine?

Please help

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