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I have recently purchased a pp3d printer and following some issues with driver software on the windows 8 platform I have been successfully printing objects from the printer for approximately 3 months now.A few days ago I installed a new reel of ABS plastic onto the printer and successfully printed a couple of jobs immediately following the installation of the new reel. However, within minutes of finishing the 2nd job the computer lost communication with the printer and would not reconnect. By this time it was the end of the working day so I shut down and turned off all equipment as I normally do. The next morning the equipment was started up as normal but the connection between printer and computer still could not be established.Since then I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the UP! Software (both v1.18 and v1.17) several times. I have searched device manager for the driver of the printer to try and resolve location issues (as before) but it has been removed from the list of devices/drivers completely. Has anyone any experience of this happening to them, or does anyone know how I can solve this problem?

Please help

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