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My mood is like a splendid flower, because Mom and Dad take me and my brother to eat buffet Newport Cigarettes Coupons. When I came to the cafeteria, it was just the time for lunch, so there were many people in the restaurant. We just found a space to sit down, my mother went to get a few dishes, or a small number, because there is a very small brand next to the table, there is a small sign: as long as the food is wasted 24g, it is necessary Double paying. The couple sitting next to us took a lot of food and talked while eating food Marlboro Gold Pack. The things ejected from my mouth made people look disgusting, and I couldn't help but shift my eyes back to my own disk. After reading them, my original appetite was disturbed. Dad said: "Eat, what's wrong?" I shook my head and said nothing. My mother also swallowed a swallow, and my father actually saw it. The couple had just finished eating. A waitress stopped them and said, "You have wasted too much food. Our restaurant has regulations. The regulations are on that brand Marlboro Lights. I hope you can understand." I saw that person. The man was used by the niece waiter, and the squirting star was everywhere. Later, several male waiters came to persuade. The couple had no choice but to hand over the money and sighed away. Mom said: "You must not do this in the future, you know?" I know: a man can not be greedy!People say that mother's love is incomparable, but I think that Dad's love is also strong and happy. You come, how great is 99 points in the second-grade unit exam. I was so happy that I went straight to the sky. When I got home, I said to my mom and dad happily: "Dear mother Newport Cigarettes Price, dear father, I have scored 99 points. Take time to accompany me to congratulate!!" Mother's face was astonishing as honey, and Dad said coldly next to him: "The next time I work hard, I will get 100 points." I aunforgettable. I watched TV very late that day. When I saw my father coming back from work Marlboro Gold, I didn't want my father to see that I didn't sleep because I still remember 99 points. I pretended to fall asleep. At this time, when Dad held me without saying anything, he took a light footstep and walked quietly toward the bed. How warm I felt in my father��s badness, I really hope that the road to the bed is farther away, I secretly open it. I looked at my father and found that my father��s father��s love was hidden in my heart, not hidden in action. I didn��t fall asleep safely. Since then, how much I loved mynot in action but in his heart. He just wants to make you happy. My good father, his love for me, I will never forget.

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