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I have had several cases where a participant was afk the whole match of One Card, and even a couple of games where all 3 of my competitions maplestory mobile mesos were afk. This drags on the game much too long and often times the game simply stops. I would like if there was a way to kick a player from a game when the other 3 people in the game were to state they had been "cheating" (afking). There are many other games offering this feature, I think it will be of much help in Star Planet. There obviously could be individuals who misuse this, but I find it doing a lot more good than bad.

The sport becoming stuck has nothing to do with AFK'ers. It occurs when someone chooses a colour (after playing a Color Change or Irena card) too slow. The game will time out, 11 minutes after the cards were dealt, and you'll receive points as to get a maximum-length game.

If you quit you get no issues and can not perform for 10 minutes anyway, so you're better off staying in the match and hoping everyone else can too. Because if one person quits, the game becomes partly unstuck: players still can not click on their cards but turns do go from one to another along with also the AI plays for everyone. And then at the end (which generally happens at exactly the identical 11-minute timeout) the match punishes everyone for "AFK'ing" since they didn't play their cards and let the AI do it to them...

In terms of voting people out: no.It buy Maple Mobile Mesos would indicate that anybody who is down to one card would get kicked out by another three, who might not be buddies but are in agreement that they don't need him winning.As Loonacm explained, the match itself should be stricter with AFK'ers. It determines one is AFK after 3 rounds of them not playing. Thus, it should just kick them out, instead of continuing to play for them after waiting their turns out.BTW, in my experience, there are not that many AFK'ers. A great deal of botters, but the bots do perform, so they are far less of an annoyance. A few of the bots do not draw from the deck, so if they don't have a card to play their switch drags on, Maplestory Hot but that's not quite as bad as someone who never plays immediately. Nobody gains anything from truly AFK'ing, therefore individuals don't do that on purpose anymore.

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