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App Download Posted At: 08/20/2018 02:25:50 1#

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VHD data Recovery is an advanced and highly efficient VHD repair tool that offers paramount efficiency in repairing the
corrupt, damaged and inaccessible VHD files.

VHD data recovery tool offers advance scanning options thus recovering the
items from emptied recycle bin, folder and partition stored in VHD files.VHD data recovery or Virtual Hard Disk offers
a useful method to backup important data without being concerned about the size of memory.

It's an excellent methodology
to share the same hard disk but to store more data and use them with virtual machine.VHD data recovery software saves the
entire virtualization set up from disaster via its powerful technique for recovery from Virtual Disk Drive.

Workable with
all editions of Windows Operating System, both 32-Bit and 64-Bit, no special requisites for working with the solution are
demanded. Capable to recover child, parent and expand partition of Virtual drive, it provides guarantee of absolute
Virtual partition recovery easily. VHD recovery software has the capability to handle all corruptions, repair damaged

or inaccessible VHD file. It enables to perform Hyper-V recovery task and recover deleted Virtual partition data without
any harm.

Download link :-

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App Download Posted At: 08/31/2018 01:36:23 2#

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If you are handling the database then make sure it did not give any error. The teach if you are new in this field and tell you how things are working in this database system.

App Download Posted At: 09/24/2018 20:32:43 3#

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SD cards are now more popular than ever because of their usefulness. For one, they are very convenient to bring considering its size. You can use it to store your files from any of your gadgets such as your laptop, digital camera, and even your cellphone.

But sometimes, even the biggest of problems can come in small packages when all your files are accidentally wiped out from your card. When you’ve put important files inside your SD card and the card was accidentally formatted for some reason, you might need an extra hand to recover files from the SD card. For this, consider using this software. It is a complete solution that lets you recover files from your SD card quickly and easily. It’s also immensely useful in recovering lost data in other media like external drives and iPods so getting this software gives you good value as well as peace of mind.


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