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If you would like to repair corrupt Access database files with a superior solution then try for Access recovery software.
This recovery tool is designed to restore and repair corrupt or damaged Access database files. This software easily
recovers data, table structures, key data structures - auto number, primary key, field size etc.This tool will help you
in repairing the several corrupt access database file and restore all the files objects in new MDB file.It can restore the
table structure, data, key elements (primary key), field size, original date, validation rules, etc.This software scan the
corrupt or inaccessible access database file and create the new files so that the user can working with this new file (.MDB).
This software has user-friendly and self-descriptive GUI which makes recovery process easy. The software recovers the lost
OLE data, original date format, memo data, table relationships, etc.

Download Link :-

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