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There are countless accounts of how people have succeeded in America without the benefit of a college education. However, I recognized as many did way back in the 60's that it I didn't get college education it would be likely impossible to move up the economic ladder. Further, the fields that interested me required degrees, even advanced degrees.
Today's demands for education reflect the effects of the shift to services from manufacturing, the growth of information technology and automation.
Right now, and for the foreseeable future, demand for people with IT (STEM) educations and skills will be in high demand.
This is also true for the health sector. Other fields like agriculture, geology/life sciences will need people. However, besides your specialty, you will have to have IT skills and capabilities.
Careers that require brawn and stamina will be few, you will have to be able to operate smart tools.
Teachers will still be in demand, but your skill sets will have to be more focused on coaching your charges, teaching them teamwork, ethics, and emotional skills.
Let me put some focus on how much education you will need. In the 70's, if you studied Physics and wanted to work in nuclear physics, you needed a PhD just to get started, then another 4-5 years of study/work to get to a journeyperson level where you could actually practice your profession. Very much similar to the field of medicine.
Today, you must keep learning just to keep up, or at least your can get write my essay for me services to help you out. At the best in many fields, the half life of your expertise in probably no more than 5 years.

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