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SQL database software repairs corrupt MDF file of the SQL Server database created all the SQL Server including 2012,2000,2005,2008,2008 R2 and gracefully recovers SQL XML data type files also.This SQL recovery tool recovers MDF file, NDF File components like triggers, tables, views, rules and stored procedure with ease as well as recovers the deleted tables of the SQL database. SQL Database Repair is strategically designed in a way to combat corruption issues and data loss in databases.
1) Recovers inaccessible SQL database objects in maximum cases of corruption or damage.
2) Repairs both the MS SQL – MDF and NDF database file objects.
3) Supports XML data types and XML indexes.
4) Improved and latest fashioned ribbon-like interface for better usability.
5) Extremely fast and accurate scanning engine for maximum recovery.
6) Compatible with Windows 8,Server 2012,7,Vista,XP,Server 2008,Server 2003.
For Download and get free trial version:

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