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Now the earth, the city has a growing population. Not long ago, the urban population of the world exceeded the rural population for the first time. development of the city has many drawbacks Marlboro Wholesale, due to the development of science and technology and threatening the survival of the countryside Discount Newport Cigarettes. Due to advances in science and technology, urban land has been exhausted, and the speed of land development has not kept pace with the speed of factory construction. More and more land that was originally used for farmland grain was requisitioned by the government to build factories. More than that, more and more rural laborers are pouring into cities to work, causing large cities to be overpopulated and crowded, while rural areas are just the opposite. The large amount of labor is leaking, leaving many poor families without people to come to heaven. Something is eating. At the same time, the reduction of cultivated land has reduced the total crop yield Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes. Although Yuan Longping��s scientists have developed excellent and high-yielding crop varieties to make up for it, the effect is not the perspective of our children, our childhood is not as happy as our parents' childhood, which is recognized by all children. There are reasons for the development of urbanization Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons. When parents were young, they did not have a TV set or a computer. They played games with their partners and enjoyed their happiness. We only had to watch TV at home all day. Selfishly, they have a relaxed life, few homework, and a light school bag. And we have to carry a big bag of more than ten kilograms a day Cheap Newport Cartons, and we have a very deep problem. In contrast, the math problems of British universities are done in ordinary middle school students in Chinacourse, the development of urbanization is not without merit. development of urbanization makes our life more convenient. In the city, shops, department stores, and supermarkets are everywhere. It is convenient to buy something. There is one more important thing - close to the big hospital. In rural areas, if there is an urgent and serious disease, the township health center is useless. In the city, the traffic is convenient and you can go to the hospital in a few minutes.e development of the city has advantages and disadvantages. We should increase the benefits and reduce the harm, so as to maintain the balanced development of the city and the countryside.

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