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 Post Subject: Pickled cabbage is a dish  
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Pickled cabbage is a dish that everyone loves in my hometown of Sichuan. It is simple to make, but it is actually quite elegant.first is the preparation of materials. The main materials for making "kappled cabbage" are: fresh cabbage leaves, spiced spicy powder, high quality clay pots, lotus leaves or plastic paper, salt, chopped garlic, fried sesame seeds, is the choice of time. When the weather is fine, you can make "kapped cabbage": first pick the big and tender leaves from the cabbage, then wash and dry; after the leaves are dried, put them in the large basin, according to the cabbage How much discretion to sprinkle with spiced spicy powder; then gently rub the condiment on the cabbage until it penetrates into the interior; then put the chopped cabbage into a clean pot. final step in making ��kappled cabbage�� is also the most crucial step �C sealing. First, put the washed straw on the top of the "kapped cabbage", then seal it with dry lotus leaf or plastic paper, then use a stick to tighten it, cover the lid, and "kapple cabbage" is prepared Cheap Wholesale Cigarettes.s worth noting that the clay pots must be sealed and closed, otherwise they will ��leave the taste��; the leaves of cabbage must be fresh and tender, and they should not be salted or too light.can be eaten after ten days. When eating, first take some "salted cabbage" from the clay pot, and replace it with a dry straw seal to prevent the bacteria in the air from taking advantage of it; then wash the "salted cabbage" that is taken out with water Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping, and then The roots are neatly arranged and cut into small pieces; finally Discount Newport Cigarettes, they are placed in a pan and stir-fried. At the same time, some fried sesame seeds and chopped garlic can be properly added to add flavor. If the chopped "picking cabbage" is placed in a hot pot such as a fish gizzard, it is even more delicious, so that you don't think about it for three days after eating!the "salted cabbage" in my hometown, together with the "Fuling mustard", has already left the hometown and sold well all over the country! The earth was once beautiful Buy Cigarettes Wholesale. There are a few white flowers floating on the blue sky, the clear stream is flowing quietly, a few bright flowers, a few lush trees, a piece of lively grass, how beautiful and harmonious! But all of this is a past tense. Now the sky has become a little gray, and the creek that was originally crystal clear has become muddy, and the cute little fish have disappeared. There is also a small tree, which is madly cut down by people who are ruthless, and one fell in the the people around us. How many people have the word "environmental protection" in their hearts? While we blame the environment for pollution, we are naturally polluting and destroying the environment! On the one hand, we are calling for more greening and decorating our homes, but on the one hand, we are also "eliminating" the gardens in the community and building parking lots. For example, on the one hand, we are crying out loud, smoking is harmful to health Cigarette Tobacco For Sale Online, but on the other hand, we are producing and selling cigarettes in large quantities. The box says "Smoking is harmful to health." Then you know that there is such a big hazard, why should you produce it?believe that we all want to see lush green when we are tired, not a tall building. When we look forward to "seeking spring", we all want to see grass, small flowers are sprouting, not in the original In the green space, another building was built; when we want to relax, we all want to breathe the fresh air that the plants bring to us, instead of a pungent car exhaust... I don��t want to let the earth Mother slowly loses its luster, then we must start from the little things around us, even if it is a piece of paper, some flowers and plants, we must cherish begins to disappear. Instead of white pollution, there are countless artificial rubbish. The green buds in my heart just wanted to break through the ground, but they were restrained by the natural mentality of people polluting the environment. We must let the environmental awareness really take root in everyone's head, and reflect on whether what we are doing is not pollution? Let yourself know that as long as you do, green will always be in your heart!

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